Health and Medical

icon trainer“Health is one of the most important things in life. My goals surround developing a career in health, wellness, and personal training. A career in this field will not only allow me to provide for my family, but it will allow me to help those in the community develop a healthy quality of life. FCPS ACE’s Personal Training program, is giving me the skills I need to be able to teach others how to stay healthy, fit, and ultimately achieve positive mental health. As a single mother, FCPS ACE’s program has allowed me the opportunity to keep on my path to achieve my goals to become a productive, self-sufficient citizen of the community, and contribute to the well-being of others.”
-Julia C.

Health and Medical“From a young age I learned about the limitations of poverty. As I have begun to develop my career, I have hoped to be able to serve my community and live a lifelong mission of serving others through medicine. FCPS ACE’s Health and Medical program is allowing me an affordable opportunity to pursue my interests in the health and medical field. I am now working toward achieving my medical assistant certification so that I may help provide medical access to those undergoing financial struggles, poverty, and have greater impact on the community.”
– Eunice C.