Workforce Development

icon plumber“I was a plumber in my home country. When I came to America, I hoped to continue my career, learn the requirements, tools, and materials in order to become certified and become a Master Plumber in the United States. Along with being able to financially take care of my immediate and extended family, my dream is to own my own plumbing business one day. I would like to be able to hire and mentor others who are interested in the plumbing profession and give those the opportunity to gain a respectable career, and a good income to ultimately be able to support their families. FCPS ACE’s Plumbing Apprenticeship program has empowered me to invest in myself and my future goals. I have already learned so much from Plumbing I and with receiving a scholarship I was quickly able to continue my education journey with jumping into Plumbing II. This has put me one step closer to achieving my dreams of being a business owner, being a mentor for others, and providing for my family.”
– Rabiu Y.

Workforce Development“FCPS ACE works for me… ACE allows me to keep learning and gaining the experience I need with its hybrid class schedule. Without FCPS ACE, I would have to wait years before I could be a licensed plumber. I hope to have my own plumbing company one day. Ultimately, I want to show my children you can achieve whatever you want, regardless of your gender.”

icon electrician“The education I receive at FCPS ACE helps me keep up with the ever-changing innovations in technology, new codes, mandates, and regulations that impact electrical trades. I want to expand my education as much as I can to educate myself and guide my clients through the whole process of a project… and earn my Master Electrician license. Now I can prove to myself what I can accomplish; I know an FCPS ACE education does that.”

Workforce Development“After changing career paths a few times, I finally found mine when I was hired by an electric company and was connected to FCPS ACE to become an electrical apprentice to work toward the necessary licenses needed for a career as an electrician. Now, not only am I a project manager, but I am also an instructor for FCPS ACE. I became an instructor at FCPS ACE, because I saw first-hand the benefit of learning from instructors who are in the field themselves. With my students today, I not only get to be an example and proof of what’s possible, but with FCPS ACE’s flexible class options, online, in-person, and hybrid, I can teach students through hands-on experience and in formats that allow them to start in the field, and earn an income, while they learn. The education I gained at FCPS ACE advanced my career, and now I have the opportunity year after year to enhance the lives of my students, and our community.”
– Anthony G.